This area contains various scripts and web applications that I have written that may prove useful to others.

Space WX

This page displays the current space weather. The data is obtained from two places, 1) N0NBH, this is the bulk of the information, and 2) the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center, the second half of the page.

Callsign Weight Checker

A simple PHP app that calculates the weight of a callsign and the amount of time required to send it at various speeds.

Shack Clock

If you’ve ever seen a Raspberry Pi Magic Mirror, this was inspired by that. The Shack Clock displays the current local and UTC times, local weather with 3-day forecast and a subset of the info on the Space WX page. It is designed to be run on a Raspberry Pi and displayed on a single monitor, run at start-up in full screen mode. The page has been completed and I am working out the kinks of the Raspberry Pi installation and set-up. Once that is complete I will post a link to a zip file containing the page and set-up instructions. I’ll post a preview here once I work out a couple of bugs that occurred moving it from my development environment to my web host.