Common Abbreviations

Abbreviations, along with Prosigns and Q–Codes in Morse Code serve two primary purposes. First they save motion. This is not as important when using paddles, but when using straight keys, it becomes very important, as anyone who has spent laong streetches of time on a straight key can tell you. Second, they save time. This is kind of related to the first reason, but goes a little further. In fact, even numbers have abbreviations.

Modern texting also use abbreviations, many of which were in use by hams long before texting was invented.

Following is a list of some of the more common abbreviations used in Morse Code. This is not an exhaustive list, but only the more common abbreviations encountered while working CW.

Abbr. Meaning Abbr. Meaning
ABT About OP Operator
ADR Address OT Old timer; old top
AGN Again PSE Please
ANT Antenna PWR Power
B4 Before RCVR Receiver
C Yes RIG Radio/Transceiver
CFM Confirm RPT Repeat
CUL See you later RPT Report
ES And RX Receive
FB Fine Business; Very Good SED Said
GA Go ahead SEZ Says
GA Good Afternoon SIG Signal
GB Good Bye SKED Schedule
GB God Bless SRI Sorry
GE Good Evening TMW Tomorrow
GG Going TNX Thanks
GM Good Morning TT That
GN Good Night TU Thank you
GND Ground TVI Television Interference
GUD Good TX Transmitter
HI Laughter UR Your
HI High URS Yours
HR Here; hear VY Very
HV Have WKD Worked
HW How; how copy WKG Working
LID A poor operator WL Will
MSG Message WUD Would
N No WX Weather
NIL Nothing XMTR Transmitter
NR Number YF; XYL Wife
NW Now YL Young lady
OB Old boy 73 Best regards
OM Old man 88 Love and kisses

Cut Numbers

Because of the length of numbers, from dididididit (5) to dahdahdahdahdah (0), CW operators have come up with a shorthand method of sending numbers, well most numbers, 4 and 6 get sent in their entirety. This shorthand is known as cut numbers and involves sending letters in place of the numbers. For instance you might get a signal report of 5NN instead of 599, as its quicker and easier to send an N rather than a 9.

The following short table lists the numbers and their cut number equivalent.

Number Cut Number
0 T
1 A
2 U
3 V
4 4
5 E
6 6
7 B
8 D
9 N