Prosigns & Procedural Signals


Prosigns are formed by running two letters together, by removing the intercharacter spacing, to form one long character. In written for, such as in the table below, they are written as the two letters with a bar over them.

Prosign Meaning Comment
AR End of Message
AS Standby Not very commonly seen in Amateur Communications, but may still be seen occaisionally
BK Break
BT Pause; Break between sections of message Also used to gather thoughts when transmitting, much like saying "Um"
KN Specified Station Only, Go Ahead
SK End of Contact

Procedural Signals

Procedural Signal Meaning Comment
CQ Calling any amateur station
CL Clear; Going Off the Air
DE From; This Is
K Over; Any Station Go Ahead

Quick Prop. Info.

Last Updated: 01 Apr 2023 0500 GMT
Solar Flux: 129
SSN: 61
K Index: 2
A Index: 21
Band Conditions
Band Day Night
80m – 40m Fair Good
30m – 20m Good Good
17m – 15m Good Good
12m – 10m Fair Poor
Aurora - Northern Hemi Band Closed
North America Band Closed
Europe Band Closed
Europe — 6m Band Closed
Europe — 4m Band Closed

More detailed solar information can be found here.

Solar Data Provided By: N0NBH

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